Rev. Marie Claude Manga

General Council Commissioner: Ministry Personnel - Déléguée au Conseil général: personnel ministériel
Marie Claude Manga was born and raised in Kikwit, Congo (DRC). Her grand-father was a Baptist Pastor. From the age of 4 she attended the Sunday school of the oldest Protestant Baptist Congregation in Kikwit. After her studies in Lubumbashi (2000 km away from her home town), she went to Kinshasa to work with the Chancellor of the University of Zaïre. She decided to continue her studies in Canada (Montreal) where she holds a master in Social Work and a master in Divinity.
As a social worker, Marie Claude helped to empower individuals and supported new immigrant families in their integration and adaptation process to their country of adoption.
Ordained in 2005, Marie Claude has served in Ontario at Boyd's and St. Paul's pastoral charge for 4 years. Then in 2009, she was serving in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu as minister of two congregations in the same site (one in French and one in English). She has also served as an interim minister at l'Église Unie St-Jean in Montreal for almost two and a half years.
Her passion for peace and social justice has led her to visit the Philippines and the Congo Democratic for better understanding and giving support to justice efforts in the regions.
Marie Claude brings the perspective of a racialized, French-speaking woman, within The United Church of Canada. She has served on numerous committees throughout the church including: the former Ethnic Ministry Council; General Council Executive (as a representative of the French-speaking community for Ottawa and Montreal synod); and several task groups and steering committees such as: Intercultural Ministries, Candidacy Pathway Steering Group, Sounding the Bamboo and has been seating on 'Regional Table M&O".
Marie Claude has good experience in active listening. She is passionate about supporting people in search of spirituality in her work as a social worker and minister.
For several months, Marie Claude has been very active in giving spiritual support to members of her community of origin (listening, marriage, funeral, spiritual quest and visits at home and to the hospital). Her goal is to make the United Church of Canada known to her French-speaking fellow countrymen in search of spirituality.
Finally, she was very much blessed and involved in the 36th General Council in Camrose (Alberta), the 40th General Council in Kelona (BC) and the 41st General Council (Ottawa).