Rev. Erin Burns

General Council Commissioner: Ministry Personnel - Déléguée au Conseil général: personnel ministériel
Erin is the new Minister at Trinity United Church Ottawa. She attended Queens Theological College and was ordained in Bay of Quinte Conference, where she served for several years before taking some time off to explore the lived theology of toddlers.
In 2015, Erin transferred to Ottawa Presbytery and spent 10 months on an appointment at Queenswood United before accepting a Call to Trinity in 2016. Her experience in the broader church includes a part-time internship with the Peterborough-Lakefield Community Police Department, a term on the United Church Steering Committee on Recruitment (2010-2013) and as a Steward to GC 40 and 41.
Erin is really drawn to the New Creed, in particular the line:
We believe in God: who has created and is creating …
One of the things that God creates is the opportunity for us to live into changing times. A Song of Faith reminds us:
We are called together by Christ
as a community of broken but hopeful believers,
loving what he loved,
living what he taught,
striving to be faithful servants of God
in our time and place.
Erin is excited to be a part of that ever-striving community.
Erin also loves to knit, and her favourite place to knit is in church meetings (no joke, she means this quite seriously). When not working or chasing her wee redheads, she enjoys painting, Star Trek, Harry Potter and growing cherry tomatoes in her back yard.