Rev. Heather McClure

General Council Commissioner: Ministry Personnel - Déléguée au Conseil général: personnel ministériel
When the call for nominations came out this year, I felt called to respond. Here are the gifts I would bring as a commissioner.
As a minister, ordained in 1992, I have served pastoral charges in Saskatchewan and Quebec and currently serve the people of Wesley United Church in Montreal (10 years). I bring the gifts of creativity, compassion, joy, listening and relationship building.
As a long time member of the Pastoral Relations Committee of Quebec Presbytery/Consistoire du Quebec, and current Co-Chair with specific responsibility for paperwork, I bring the gifts of an eye to detail, an ability to interpret church polity compassionately and an understanding of the importance of the Spirit's presence in all of our work.
In addition, I sit on the Presbytery Executive and I am a Trustee of the Erskine and American Fund. I have served as Chair of the Education and Students Committee in the former Prince Albert Presbytery(Sask. Conference) and as a Mission and Service Fund Animator for the Montreal and Ottawa Conference.
Most recently, I have felt a call to the reconciliation process leading to Right Relations with our First Nations brothers and sisters. This has only begun and is in the infant stages, but has been deeply meaningful at both the personal and congregational levels.
It would be a humbling privilege and honour to serve the church in this capacity, at this time.