Kathleen Weary

General Council Commissioner: Lay - déléguée au Conseil général: laïque
Since childhood, I have been an active member of the United Church.  Lennoxville United has blessed me with countless occasions to share with our congregation, through roles in pageants and plays in Sunday School, performing on the violin and piano regularly, as well as with our Youth Group Band. I have joined our own choir on occasion well, and have assisted in the initiating and leading of the Children's Ecumenical Choir in the area
In high school, I began attending Youth Forum and immediately fell in love with the intense fun and meaningful conversations that happened during those weekends. I have since been to Worshipludes and Montreal-Ottowa Conference AGM meetings over the past 6 years.
In spring 2015, I was elected as a Youth Forum delegate and learned many skills through this leadership opportunity. I enjoy leading games, making new friends and engaging with others, which I put into practice last summer when I volunteered at the Presbytery's Youth Camp.
Lennoxvnille United has also always encouraged me to be at the heart of our church's community through volunteering at the Christmas Bazaar and with Student Suppers. This fall I was also on the GC Remit committee, where I got to see our church’s work on a national scale.
I work meticulously and handle meetings well, as I experienced at AGM, so I believe I would be able to bring focus as well as enthusiasm to the next General Council
l have a good understanding of ecumenicalism as l have been involved with Bible studies and volunteer projects with a variety of youth and their churches in my community
Aside from church, I study Health Sciences at Champlain College and volunteer with many environmental groups. I am also a member of the Hon. Marie-Claude Bibeau's Youth Council.