Debbie Poirier, DLM

General Council Commissioner: Ministry Personnel - Déléguée au Conseil général: personnel ministériel
Debbie currently Is the chairperson of Seaway Valley Presbytery.  She previously served as the President of Montreal and Ottawa Conference as well as many committees and working groups in the Montreal and Ottawa Presbyteries, the Montreal and Ottawa Conference and at the General Council Office
In these capacities and in her work as a minister, Debbie is thoroughly conversant with the issues that have been before the United Church in the past, those that are before the church now and those that are coming in the future. With these perspectives, she will ably discern the issues and challenges that will come to GC43 and beyond
Debbie is a  passionate minister who cares deeply for the church and its mission to the community and the wider world. As such, she will bring to the General Council table a vision and hope for a new United Church that is emerging. She will combine this passion with her gift as a thoughtful listener as she hears the perspective of others as she and they debate the outcome of the remits that have come before the presbyteries and pastoral charges and what the results are saying about how this new United Church might look.