Advancement toward Peace in the Community of Cornwall

Author - Auteur: 
Audrey Bronson
Ministry Unit: 
Knox-St. Paul's United Church, Cornwall
Presbytery - Consistoire: 
Seaway Valley Presbytery

Advancement Toward Peace in the Community of Cornwall Knox-St Paul’s United Church has been hosting a group called “Cornwall Inter-faith Partnership” The group is comprised of people from the Roman Catholic Faith, Lutheran, Anglican, Hindu, Buddhist, Native Spirituality, Judaism, Baha’I, Humanism and the United Church. If I have left anyone out, please forgive me it is not intentional. We have viewed some very interesting films, had good discussions on some of the issues the films raised, as well as treated to some wonderful foods from different cultures. There is no charge for the meetings, but we ask something be brought for the Agape food bank. The most amazing things happens during the evening fellowship, where else can you see a Highlander in full dress kilt, an Imam, and a Priest in fellowship with peace and love in their hearts in the same room sipping coffee or tea! This is the Christian Church being Christian, loving God and loving their fellow men and women. Audrey Bronzan