Mission Statement:

We will cultivate the understanding of stewardship as a way of life in the M&O conference by providing resources, knowledge and support to all presbyteries, pastoral charges, ministry sites, and individuals.

Role of Stewardship:

1.    Promote whole life stewardship by linking stewardship to spirituality; everything done, how we live and work towards the fulfillment of GOD’s mission for M&O should be seen through the lens of stewardship.

2.    Encourage and facilitate the formation of stewardship committees for each presbytery, pastoral charge and ministry site, UCW, and Mission and Service program

3.    Communicate collaborative educational opportunities; provide life lessons for our Church community and the community at large

4.    Provide content for website stewardship page and publish newsletter

5.    Promote and support the Mission and Service Fund

6.    Share the stewardship experience through conversation and witness.


What Is Stewardship?

Christian stewardship is based on the belief that God is the Creator and that all things belong to God. We are to live in partnership with God, our communities, our pastoral charges, our ministry sites and our neighbours as trustees of these gifts, accountable both to God and to one another for their use.


Duties.  (From manual)

The Stewardship Committee shall have the following duties:

1.    to be responsible for the overall stewardship level of Synode Montreal and Ottawa Conference (Conference), its presbyteries, pastoral charges and ministry sites so that their full financial potential may be realized. To this end, the Committee shall review annually the total financial objective of the Conference, that is, the needs at local, regional, and national levels;

2.    to interpret to the Conference, its presbyteries, pastoral charges and ministry sites why the funds are needed and how they will be expended;

3.    to keep in perspective and under review the proportions of money spent locally and regionally in relation to the amount provided for the wider work of the United Church through the Mission and Service Fund;

4.    to cultivate knowledge and conviction concerning the mission of the church in all its aspects, among all age groups and by all media available;

5.    to make available to the Conference, its presbyteries pastoral charges and ministry sites the materials issued through the relevant General Council working units

6.    Through the use of approved methods of church finance, to secure commitment and participation in the mission of the church by the Conference, its presbyteries, pastoral charges and ministry sites. To this end the Committee shall organize periodic visitations for stewardship purposes; and

7.    to report regularly to the Conference Executive Committee and to prepare an annual report for the Conference.