This is the Conference UCW Newsletter in a new format.  In an attempt to reduce expenses, especially in the area of postage, the Newsletter will only be sent via Email.  As well as sending copies to Presbyterial Presidents we will also send a copy to each Presbytery office.  Your Presbyterial Presidents will be personally responsible for circulating copies to each area.  Remember this is your Newsletter.  We need information form you and your groups so we can let the rest of M&O Conference UCW know that we are around and will be around for a good many years to come.

VOLUME 1 contains a letter from your President Kim Baird as well as an excellent article on Archives

VOLUME 2 contains a message from Kim, information on our AGM in May, Summer Event registration information, reports from Presbyterials and an excellent short story written from the perspective of Noah's wife.

VOLUME 3 contains a message from your President Kim Baird as well as minutes from 2013 Fall Gathering and information on 2014 Fall Gathering