Relief packing to feed 30,000 affected by Typhoon Yolanda

Today has been one of high emotions as I had a challenging visit back to the Smokey Mountain Day Care which has been badly vandalized....but more about that later.  Last evening upon our return from the Women's Jubille gathering, volunteer workers had been busy preparing relief packages and the truck was half full.  By this afternoon, three large container trucks had begun the 10-hour drive to reach the affected area.The goal is to feed 30,000 people with packages designed for a family of five to last a week. Over 1000 volunteers have given hours at the NCCP headquarters in Manila carefully measuring out rice, dried sardines, sugar, salt, oil, buiscuits and beans.  And it continues with all faith groups, school and youth groups, families and singles coming to help.

I got an email from the Canadian Embassy notifying me that I could get on an American or Australian military plane tomorrow if I wanted to leave the area.  Ironically, I am trying to get there, not leave, but the military is controlling the airport and commercial planes have no access at the moment.  Meanwhile, as the packing continues, there will be more trucks on their way tomorrow.