NCCP Ecumenical Women's Jubilee gathering

Today begins day two of the NCCP Ecumenical Women's Jubilee gathering, and I will bring greetings from the UCC and words of solidarity at this challenging time. Yesterday were opening ceremonies with the launch of a book "Building Compassionate and Caring Churches and Communities with People Living with HIV & AIDS" complete with worship liturgies, a tremendous display of art depicting the struggles of women living here painted by a young woman in our midst and a special song written about the history of women in the Philippines. Each was cheered with a toast of ice tea. This was followed by a feast of rice, a pork chop, fish and vegetables in broth and a banana. As we ate, we were serenaded by the most wonderful choir of young women who are studying to be Diaconal ministers.

In the midst of celebration, was the recognition that many today have lost their homes, their loved ones, and have no fresh water or food to nourish them as ways are being cleared to reach the typhoon devastated area. 

May Prayers of support continue, and also recognize that there are half a million Filipinos living in Canada, even further from loved ones at this time who may need support if they are near you. Communication is very poor as power lines were all knocked down.